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Blonde Medicine


by Tanya Morgan

Started 04:12
Von Pea: this go around no going around im bulldozing, i would never play yall going through the motions, one man wonder showzen, squad up, von pea and don up? you should be honored, if i catch an L/Elle then it ought to be varner, she can trust fall if she wanna, women wanna hit or do that hit song by shawnna, gotta say nah but let your mind wander, tanya legit, she never submissive, aint a sub for us in this subgenre, liable to set it off, bad motherfucker on the wallet and written on the credit card, once got booed while opening for drake, promoters still opened up the safe, thanks… i figure this comeback season, run 100 laps aint coming back wheezing, peazy they getting closer? and we’re over? we tell em “no no no” lets get started started lets get started started (2x) Donwill: I’ve been modest since day one but know that I’m the best tho One stop shop, got it all like Tesco Hold on, let’s go! Cashflow Creflo Income lump sum, awesome and then some miles from a million, trials couldn’t kill them legacy will let em see i did it for my children hill I’m from still slum, Poppa put the pimp in him proper proposition and nothing gets skimped on Dub still definite, Cincy still reppin’ it killin’ all you niggas with no prerequisites yo, let the record show our records go trunk thump, straight bump with a better flow chump’s up cuz the pros supposed to close the show straight dope yo pull out the scale and weigh i tho we got a long way to go and aint going no where i told y’all we right here now lets take it back to the essence, either that or smack up a rapper for testing.. lets get started started, lets get started started, now im telling my side of the story, i do it for the love in an orgy and all the chicks in this bitch is having my shorty…. you get…what you pay for...
Donwill: Wake up and walk it out no make up a swig of Scope to clean ya mouth club clothes on with the 9 to 5 crowd man fuck those fools boo, you living out loud and don’t chicken out now i done bought the bar out and we done closed the club down it’s 3am and we’re still partying it’s not like imma ever get to see y’all again well, maybe in a little while cus i be going out of town like it’s going out of style yeah we can keep in touch but what’s up with right now i know you don’t wanna see me leave without a smile alarm clock for what you been sleeping on the jam so you gotta say up and you aint gotta be a fan looking good is enough to make me your fan like “that’s the cut!” baby if you want my love maybe we could have some fun promise that you’ll tell no one maybe i will give you some before the sun comes up/ it has to go down (4x) Von Pea: if you need em, i got crazy prophylactics, and a fat…hold on hold on how fresh, im hellaroused your well endowed chest be my new bestie, busty lets see, what up…my name devon, black light got the club looking like tron id even smash on your lightcycle, if i cant call just tell me where to type to, where to at you, chat you, follow, and address to drop you tomorrow, she been working for weeks to get in them jeans, all to find a man that’ll do the same thing, fast forward, thats a wrap, got ol girl wetter than alex mack, 5 years later our sons in class, we was just sposed to hook up and have a blast baby if you want my love maybe we could have some fun promise that you’ll tell no one maybe i will give you some before the sun comes up/ it has to go down (4x)
VPND 04:20
Von Pea: this joint would have a feature, but I hate all yall, have a seat bruh, I break all laws of physics, show a brother the rhythm and i get the pen tippin, now I can shoot a video that get the hoes strippin, or I can be original and give my soul with it, but is it really much of a difference? im the brother they listen to headed to pay tuition, I win it, they be playing your shit, but its labeled as ignant, if you cool with that then fine, resume mission, i would assume i get a label or two, how we finagle a tune, rap ass De La of new niggas (crowd booing us/calling us a fake de la soul) imma let that breathe, we getting to the point you can let us lead, we  been ready to quit, you aint let us leave, so now i understand to yall what this means, i was given a blessing, some would call it dream, purpose i still question but its more than a thing, labels they gotta gimmie, Pea and Donwillie, better than girl fights and waiting to see a titty, before i see Biggie, all white Coogi, imma handle everything right like Cousy, I aint telling me this shit, I been on that leader shit, I was that Guy since “Groove Me” the employers of the year/yeah we back to work(4x) Donwill: Another long day at the office but I ain’t bout to bitch about beats and blog bits only thinking of winning first place or losses overthinking the music that don’t make the song hit what we drinking? I’m with it! it’s white in the summertime brown in the winter just take me to a spot where i can be around some women and the same rules apply, sike nah I’m just kidding they all fit in I’m tryna live a little, kick it up a level die infamous and be loved forever when everyday is new MP3’s if y’all think the music’s dead then imma let y’all grieve a dark fantasy of what rap used to be? i guess they ain’t heard of we, indeed indeed and as for me I’m just tryna find a breeze and something to believe in i’mma let that breathe we getting to the point where you should let us lead i been tryna quit but they won’t let me leave so now i understand to y’all what this means a couple 16s with a hook in between it’s only worth a dollar when i sell my dream so those who spent ya last buck on me you really can’t imagine just how much the fuck it means
Von Pea: welcome to the real, bearers of your bad news, we appreciate the no, aint nobody ask you, we are how you get the cheerleaders in the band room, pioneers thru the Pioneers in a mass who’s messing with the lesson author, this is no departure, this is for arrivals, pull up throw your hood up if you do it for survival, nevermind a side view, niggas know the profile, fans I dont lie to, liable to chastize guys with the haikus, Lessondary in here, all of them are fly too, skinny Big in philly getting beats from my guy who, told you on “Peas Gotta” he knew we were right you slept its aight duke, even if im chose last, imma hit the winning shot, all of you can note that, should I slow it down some and if so how come? is it cause your favorite is afraid to be outdone, he know not to call us, yeah we put in all us, shorty heard we bought the toys out and got dolled up, phasing out you groupies I dont wanna tag her walls up, she be letting rappers Foursquare in her nah bruh, geotag that ass its Von Pea, CI to Long Beach, we rhyme with all heat, til we in them floor seats, but things I do is real it never haunts me, Beat Street/Wall Street ill meet em at the cross street This is for the real (trunk shit) Let the woofers knock and the tweeters sing, hit the detail shop man the whip so clean Let the woofers knock and the tweeters sing, Find a parking spot and let the beats just bang Donwill: I’m in an all white Chevy with the dual exhaust and the speakers ain’t bolted so it rattle and cough but when my sneakers ain’t speaking, the whip it talks I aint pay that much, it don’t matter the cost cus what’s a few stacks? a small set back for the champ had to pull over, fuck around ya boy blew an amp and the backpack in the back seat by the notepad boom bap blasting out the speakers they say that we a tribe called de la, or smaller little brother all i know is that we do it better than the others spell my name right my nigga show us that you love it i’m talking mine and the group, not one or the other get the name right before you claim that you know us 30 rock this is not, we the other morgan matter fact scratch that and call it TM for short i need an ink pen for sport and a weekend resort off the deep end of thought, often sleeping on Don “Not Him!?!”, pretend I’m not hot be defending yours I been, on my shit for a decade plus too long? nah nigga. you? not long enough Yup! The new school veteran just dusted off the letterman consider these crowbars incase they don’t let us in to pop locks and stop all that Re-Run shit y’all some jogging ass niggas homie we run this…
Louder 02:13 video
Von Pea: alright wait….dont compare me, Brooklyn chilling in the Oakland area cool, I dont get upset, we just sell a bit, give up sex, I used to date, a chick who had a hookup at the Super 8, so tour was straight, she was ice cream, no Bathing Ape, I mean pecan Rican, slup her shake, Spanish Harlem, Angie or Carmen, hot but sweet, my nigga candy in August… Ive wasted a line, your left field all bases are mine, lampin…counting my money, 10, 20, there Ive done it, not even 100 to spend up in The Hundreds, but I run shit with who I run with louder now, you should kick it up a little louder now, please turn it up a little louder now, you can pump it up a little louder now, dj…. Donwill: yo I don’t fly first class catch me walking to the train with my metro pass OG Jordan 3’s or the retro stabs to keep it all the way real i don’t catch no cabs but I… don’t gotta tell you I’m royalty read critically or get fucked royally palm tree beaches, month to month leases to his own each is, I’m just tryna live decent time… that’s money don’t spend mine waste words? no sir when it’s go time yo tell em daddy’s home and sit the big piece of chicken by the side of the throne i’m just lampin, counting my money 10s, 20s there i did it get it or spend it, make it or save it I’m just tryna cake with the niggas that I came with
Von Pea: look dog I was running like Stan Getz on her, yeah she deserve more and I deserve bad karma,  theres nothing that the woman cant offer, but off of, Patron, thats when im in her home, now call it what you want, but id never let another woman into my heart, just the part that’ll lubricate her middle, we can play you like a fiddle hit your room keep it simple get consumed in that poon, pretty legs and them dimples its habitual, going out looking for the new, plans fall through, and then I call you, knocking at your door 2 ante meridiem with a contact high, drunk sway and giggling you say not this kid again, but im half listening, just trying to kiss a friend that  I kinda penciled in, you anti-alone so we camp out and bone then im gone with a bunch of missed calls on my phone, that was 09, it was all fine, now im on the other side of this spare time, never realized our inside jokes, how every soda was coke, and the smell of your soap, now I fell for the trope of this playboy character, misses what he had now he stuck running after her like... Yeah, hanging in the balance like a flying trapeze/ thought I was dying now I'm flying, put ya crying at ease/thought it was cool that I put all I was trying on freeze/ with a plan to stand as a man, arrived at my knees/ in humility you feeling me, cause pride's a disease/ would rise to the occasion but at night I'd hide in my dreams/ they say you got to learn to sacrifice to have a wife/nice, but it had a price, would roll it the same if I had the dice/ everything in life is like a learning device/journeying nights trying to fight back the feelings of regret/ cuz I'm deep in debt, till I see my son and I'm thinking bet/see the seed we planted, granted we ain't reach the reaping yet/ wishing I had ran the planet dammit, I was keeping set/ ain't no need to panic though my talents I be keeping at/still I keep the family connect just like the ethernet/ balancing my talents and the aim for the cheddar/sometimes you gotta lose a thing to gain something better/and the pain ain't forever it's just making its rounds/though its rain in the weather its a break in the clouds/there ain't a fetter on the ground that can hold me if you know me clown/floating like a feather in the wind, you can't slow me down Donwill: X no YZ I always been a bit Cynical like YC looking at the bigger picture now i see everything else in focus just not me yo, it’s crazy how love change. Nas said it best so i’m walking street’s dreaming wishing thought’s I’d forget bump into a small momento, a place that we went to i catch a glimpse of couples laughing happy at a table used to gaze your ring finger thinking bout what if i just pray that love lingers, not wither and limp over thought everything since we first met and give anything a meaning hoping we made sense hard to separate relating and just be great friends when the bed we’ve made for laying still hold your prints feelings need filleting, damn we that thin? i’m just in the way guess you don’t need me then alone together like a K Rig tape and i aint talking about beats but thats the breaks i had it all figured out, but now I’m lost in doubt we cool tho right? I hope so and if i learned anything it would be go slow
Cold Modelo 03:14
you rocking with the bassline king, far from out of bounds, you niggas panic when Serato down, swags for the has beens duty free bag full of absynthe, bad since Kim didnt have tits, I still got a crush on, regardless of what the doc stuck on… look, now im on 14th and B’way, bitties in effect, like air brushing, looking for the next, but if I go balls deep she’ll be camped out at my crib like occupy Wall Street, sucker mcs hear us and they exit… they wanna build I am never interested, im not an og yet, im a goalie yes, block yall punks from controlling next, kids say the darndest things,  but regardless Peazys gon get kinged, you can be Prince, slave to a label, I ball out bitch, Netflix and cable, everything data, never been beta…. your aunt said I have nice end tables, hey now, never been an emulator, I blackout then I become the generator, never get a favor if its something you can learn, the fuck I want something i aint earn? thats how I move, broke in jeans, brand new shoes, cold Modelo, Brooklyn roof, beef on the grill too cool to shoot, she watching, she shopping, my girl like thats no option, (alarm sound) that car then hop in, come through we got ya we got ya,  Donwill: Minimal work builds invisible worth I’m in my temple berzerk, speak in digital spurts lady luck got bucks, tryna divvy her purse from a verse i’ve rehearsed before they get me a verse y’all some simpleton jerks, crackin difficult smirks i got ya chick in reverse, lifting her pencil thin skirt a bi-racial facial, bust a pimple it squirts nah we really in salons get ya shit out the dirt condition her first, and let em crimp out her curls she a friend of a friend, I’m a pimp with referrals rather dig in my girl than a random ass fan still word to ghost face but don’t kick up ya plans a yo, a yo… my mellow my man word to cracking cold cans in a wrapped tour van I’m tryna crack the code fam get ya boy to japan konichiwa bitches, yen and koi fishes my zen come first instead of internet lurk i scroll past troll them niggas get on my nerves before i finish a verse, I’m tryna triple my worth and not trip on my words, got heavy dick for a bird i’m tryna hit em with curve in both sense of the terms this aint no sensitive shit the controversies confirmed all i can be i my self thank you for the concern you should be front row at the next concert
Ahead of You 02:35
killing shit is how I make a living, and I speak for the once and future, life is cool baby let me introduce ya, we all man colors no hints of fuchsia, well, maybe the back catalogs furniture, some sat with it and some slept,  the nerve of ya, I rap ridic and throw 'bows at burglars, who stole all they know, no thanks im courteous…. im sitting on 20s, now that I got your attention again, gimmie, please dont be surprised they listen to slim Biggie, why niggas be shocked we went in? we aint playing around with it, I aint counterfeit, get it they now with it, it was bound to hit, more than the prestige, more than a Presley, Morgan the best we, already in next week,  ahead of you ready? here we go, lets see if they follow the flow, im growing into what im fitted for, fitted up, been in war, by the time they see im one of the best I did it all, wait I take it back, back to the o.p., letting other brothers win, they need the dream, let em see how it feels and build esteem, but get it now, one day ill seal the seams… win the vote then build the moat, reinstill the hopes of skilled approach, im Spike Lee with a 5D screaming you aint gotta like me we aint playing around with it, I aint counterfeit, get it they now with it, it was bound to hit, more than the prestige, more than a Presley, Morgan the best shes already in next week ahead of you…
Gotta go, gotta go big city of dreams but everything out there aint always what it seems (x2) The rents keep raising up and you know it’s because of us they gentrify where we reside so brownstones is now gone just condos we can’t afford or dream of calling home calling home’s depressing full of tales from cats that aint learned they lesson or you missing all the events, birthdays and graduations make you wonder why the fuck you ever even left em but they just a plane ride away or short drive depending where you stay cuz it’s no place like home love it or leave it alone you can love it or leave it if it ain’t where you belong just pack ya bag and motivate when the change comes you gotta meet it halfway free spirits not many understand em but i do so i had to write a transplant anthem for you Gotta go, gotta go big city of dreams but everything out there aint always what it seems (x2) God forbid you move for a chick but God bless it all regardless cus you need it now more than ever just to make it to the first phase cus now you all alone in your girlfriends state and you gotta hang with her friends and they cool but you wish you had some more friends and your friends posting Facebook photos of home’s going ons still tag you to the flick like “i wish you wasn’t gone” but you left for greener pastures and didn’t plan for disasters tryna master your own fate keeping you from home ain’t nothing wrong with being gone if you think I’m wrong you can pack you shit and go or find a new city and leave em both bruh free spirits not many understand em but i do so i had to write a transplant anthem for you Gotta go, gotta go big city of dreams but everything out there aint always what it seems (x2) You’’re on my mind until I get back I know I been gone a long time but I’m coming back
Sup man? You still hanging out with homegirl? I thought y’all was cool tho Donwill: We used to be until she wasn’t any use to me usually would meet up a few times though out the week wasn’t knocking it down, nobody got jilted a welcome worn out, “shit happens man i feel it’ can’t lie i had a crush but never let her know “yo she was bad” yeah straight up beautiful tried to hook the homie up so it wouldn’t go to waste that way the both of us would avoid the heart break what a mistake now the girl i had my eye on is blowing up my phone for a shoulder to cry on “damn for real?” and i can’t blow her off so we hang out a bit maybe that’ll cheer her up a few drinks later, almost all our clothes are off this is all i ever wanted but.. ‘That’s so fucked up” yeah and we ain’t been the same since when i scroll past her number, i wonder if she changed it and I wonder all this time how you been I still ask about you every now and then (you still be with so and so? how she doing yo? how she doing yo? how she been?) Von Pea special girl, real good girl, best thing that she ever had, well, it didn’t matter but she told me that, smashed on the homie couch off cognac, sorry yall that was immature, and type skeevy. but she was house sitting and they didnt have tv, we used to be freaks like Linda Cardelini, but I was doing this so the girl had to leave me, for a while I figured, the one got away ‘forever alone’ niggas! I even went and had a meltdown on twitter, til I realized id never had a real talk with her, I would just flirt then ask for a picture, never got her mother name, brothers or sisters, looking for the wifey material to floss, but she could tell I wasnt cut from the same cloth, well, she had to trim something off, oh…now you with dude? what a loss I got grown then the bronze turned gold, now im on track,  couple yards to go…. Im still loving ya babe…. (4x) and I wonder all this time how you been I still ask about you every now and then (you still be with so and so? how she doing yo? how she doing yo? how she been?)
Donwill: Gotta voice and i’mma use it my nigga told me choose a side, pick one, have not have some what have i become? lord have mercy, ths starving artist shit is played hungry and thirsty we’re not worthy, my bad you ain’t whatever i wanna do, i can you can’t “wasn’t it one more of you? damn what’s dude’s name?” fuck, I’m drawing a blank um… Ilyas: Ilyas, really im still part of the familia, girls scream my name like im Beetlejuice ‘will you be my Lydia?’ I pity im not digging you out then getting rid of you now, id rather catch a nap than chance catching chylmydia, not trying to be the riddler, but Il would love if you would leave me, alone when im on the microphone dont try to critique me, just greet me, with a welcoming ear, we’ll always be out front, but our peers are welcome to their rear hear cheers Von Pea: more rapping about rap from the morgans, somewhere posted where im the one foreign, talking to one of the queens daughters, she was like ‘id pay a milli to see you work in them close quarters in the middle of bed stuy, writing rhymes spitting fly, same city where Talib spoke of getting by’, I replied homes where I carry it, whether im out in Farragut, or rocking pro tools at the marriott Donwill: I’m tryna be great, living out a suitcase same show, different stage barely even know what day it is… but i know my fee and i know if i don’t see it then they won’t see me a punk promoter get the poker? what up Steve you’re never broke if they owe you? word up?! please.. i digress, i’m chillin at the crib baking chicken waiting on my next shipment adidas or Rocksmith bitch Ilyas: and the chickens always bitching, cause we itching to get missing, cause my mission was get friction with addiction switch positions nope no kissing now im living very different no religion but ive given up the life I lived inside that mental prison, third eye vision, now ive risen higher Elijah messiah, he firey like a dragon until I retire, im not bragging speaking truth to you oompah loomps, scoop you up with a pooper scoop, remember TM will always be that super group Von Pea: while the rest of yall still hating on the south, I was at the waffle house with the red carpet out, all star breakfast, gone off plenty gin, nah im past 21, old enough to get it in, im like Jada first bar off of Benjamins, even with niggas rapping over me, im eyeing my groceries, making eggs while she fixing her hosiery, you niggas is ctrl + c, so how you think you gon compete? Donwill: Swerving through San Fran, listening to Sandman tryna find a spot where we can post and park the tour van cop a pair of newer vans grab some grub and wi-fi treat a nigga city like his crib and just slide by scrolling through my timeline for side eye or high fives to find out i got recognized off in Five Guys crazy ain’t it, my life? now wait a second while i transform from superstar to ordinary.. voilà Ilyas: haha, abaracadabra, laugh at you rappers backhand, slapping you backwards, nothing after this chapter my man, the aftermath is like Japan, soundwaves crashing your land, your mami tsunami’d on my salami I do what I can you compressed concentrated booty ass in a can, ask the genie in the bottle bout the bird in my hand, I flip 2 to the Bush, middle finger sex, fuck you twice come menage with disrespect Von Pea no identity crisis, this aint a concept this is my real life, which has had its own hurdles, trying to get off of myrtle, and get it off me, the hood will have you thinking you dont deserve what you need, im ready to look out of my window and see trees, and if that aint funny to you we share the same dream, fuck going to the incinerator and seeing fiends, im coming after my things and bringing the whole team lessondary!
Donwill: I need solitude, peace and quiet it’s like a magic trick please don’t try this at home and that’s anywhere that i’m is without vision, you’re just grinding with no end in sight, you could pretend it’s right but hustle backwards and you dim the light cus the most important moment of your life is right now you could look up and everything’s changed like ‘WOW!’ you can give up and quit but oddly enough it’ll still change, life’s just calling your bluff i’m pushing for the finish with each word in the sentence best believe i’mma get it you’ll see how th story’s ending now how can I move the crowd? growing up they did it with ‘pow pow’ im up in the air again, forgot where or when, but when I land,  believe im doing me, im a Brooklyn boy but I aint with that fronting, I dont be out of town acting like I run tings, cause I got fam in the Bay, in the A, in the ‘Go in LA in Houston and VA, I dap yall up like I saw yall last week, and this aint no fake smile I am happy, my best friend died so Im glad you alive, Im glad that im back here for another try, a woman once asked why do yall mcs, do a song and its all ‘me me me, I I I’, I said cause my, perspective is mine, one I dont gotta try to guess… if I spoke hypothetical, making up stories who would speak for me? and those like me who would speak for them? if I can believe in me, we can all win... 


released July 28, 2017

Recorded at Tanya's Fried Chicken
Mixed & Mastered by The Other Guys
Executive Produced by S A F E S P A C E
Art Direction: SOAP Goods Creative


all rights reserved



Tanya Morgan Brooklyn, New York

Von Pea x Donwill.

Tanya Morgan.

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